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Clothing Designed with Circus in Mind!

This is the place to shop for Circus, Flow Art, Dance, and Fire Safe wear!
Our items are hand made by performers for performers.

Many of our fabric options are made from natural sustainable fibers for our fire artists. We also offer spandex, sequence, and mesh for our acrobats and dancers made for a glamorous style and durability.

Custom Design Orders

Lets travel deep in the closet to look back at some of my past creations. Many can be recreated or customized. If you wish to order any of these items or create any other custom orders please visit our Custom Order page

Tapered Stilt Pants

Featuring EatHaku

These Stilt pants are fitted around the waist and thighs like leggings, expand above the knee, and taper at the bottom to give a clean finish for peg stilts.
Tapered Stilt Pants can be ordered in a fabric style of your choice on our Custom Order page.

Diamond Cut-Out Romper

This Electric Blue Diamond Cut-Out Romper is a sexy open style to show off one of our best features. This style can be ordered in a fabric style of your choice on our Custom Order page

Featuring BabyChuck419

This stylish vintage costume was inspired by the “Strong Man” character you would find in the early years of the circus world. It’s available to purchase now Here. It also has a sister costume the “Strong Women” which fits like a romper with shorts and a ruffle booty.

sugarcreekfest 2020 📷:c.macphotography ...

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A (failed) attempt at sexy Christmas - pole style. Another pole video! This time Christmas themed! Me and my pole instructor were the only ones who dressed up 😂

I was kinda just messing around and seeing what looks nice and testing some fun stuff out.

The top is from berryscloset_com ❤ it was perfect for this 😄

#aerial #poledance #poledancer #aeriallife #circuslife #circus #Christmas #berryscloset_com

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It's been a while since i posted anything. Here's a video of me during last trapeze class. Decided to go full rainbow 🌈 I finally mastered got the lean on ropes into X-back! 👏 I'm so excited i got it!

Oh, btw the shrug is from Berry's Closet! I love it ❤
Thank you to Bird's Eye View Circus Space for hosting the class ❤

Edit: Because of instagram's formatting, i'm slightly cut off, but i still want to share because i'm really proud of this acheivement.

#trapeze #berrys_closet #xback #trapezetricks #inversion #QueerCircus #rainbow #aerial #aerialacrobatics #berryscloset_com

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My happy place 💙
Costume: berryscloset_com #berryscloset_com

Photo cred : rhpb57

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Can we all just practice safe hygiene so we can get back to dancing past 10 pm 🥴

Costume by berryscloset_com
Photo by rhpb57
Taken during one of the few performances glovation_at_night got to do at Toledo Main Street bar and grill, post lock down.

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